From Amanda Wilson-Hillier:


Hi Everyone,

Please note that this Friday, April 26th the YMCA After school program will be using our gymnasium from 2:15-5:30 PM.  This will affect our open gym time and an email will be sent advising members of the schedule change.
The children are school aged Kindergarten to grade 3 so we would like CTC staff to set up some age-appropriate games/activities, hoops, tunnels, mats and tables, etc. similar to a birthday party.
As well, we will need to unlock the gymnasium door in the lobby so that parents can sign their children out without accessing the rest of the Facility.  We will need to place chairs and signage in the gymnasium hallway, to prevent members from accessing the area, and the group can use the Lobby washrooms, while a staff waits for them in the lobby as they will not have access to change room washrooms.   If children need to use the water fountain, they will only be permitted under staff supervision.
Please reach out with any questions.