Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2023-11-21T17:14:54-03:30
Do I need to return my access card when I cancel?2023-12-13T07:41:26-03:30

There is no need to return your access card upon cancellation, as it will no longer work when you scan it for facility access. In the event you sign up for a membership in the future, the card can be reactivated to work again.

What if I have an outstanding balance on my account when I cancel?2023-12-13T07:40:05-03:30

We will still allow you to cancel your membership even if there is a balance owing. However neither you, or anyone listed on your account will be able to sign up for a membership again until that balance is paid in full.

Can I get a refund for time I won’t be able to use the facility?2023-11-28T14:14:19-03:30

We do not offer partial refunds. Our fees are based on enrollment, not usage – this means that you pay for your bi-weekly period and the amount you use that is entirely up to you. If you are not able to make use of your membership, we do not offer refunds for non-usage.

What if I’m in the middle of my payment period when I cancel?2023-12-13T07:39:47-03:30

Access to the facility will be available until the last day of your payment period.

What if my request to cancel is less than 5 days before my next payment?2023-12-13T07:39:19-03:30

Any requests made past the 5 day cut off may result in the cancellation request not taking effect until after the following payment has been processed.

Do I have to pay the joining fee again if I cancel my membership?2023-12-13T07:47:03-03:30

The $25 joining fee will be applicable on any membership that lapses 6 months or longer.

Is there a fee to cancel your membership?2023-12-13T07:44:24-03:30

No, our memberships are completely hassle free! This means you are not locked in for any set amount of time, and when you wish to cancel your membership there are no questions asked and no fees required.

What should my child wear?2023-11-07T10:48:49-03:30

We advise that children dress in comfortable, wash and wear clothing, as we do lots of messy activities. Each child is required to have a change of clothing with their name attached to be left in the child’s bag and replenished whenever necessary. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather each day. Outdoor play is a part of our program. Proper outdoor clothing for each season is essential.

What if my child has allergies?2023-11-07T10:44:31-03:30

All center guidelines relating to a child’s allergies are to be strictly adhered to. Allergy information will be included in your registration package (if applicable) and you will be kept informed of any changes that may arise in this area.

What if my child needs medication?2023-11-07T10:44:14-03:30

Prescription medication will be administered upon parent’s written instruction and signed permission for the child care staff to do so. Prescription drugs must be in the original container before a staff member can administer it to a child. We cannot administer non-prescription drugs to any child without written consent from a doctor. Fever reducing medication may be administered in the event of an emergency after speaking with the supervisor of the center.

What if my child is sick?2023-11-07T10:41:35-03:30

It is recommended that if a child has a cold or other sickness (such as diarrhea, vomiting or a temperature) that they be kept home for the duration of the illness. A communicable disease can spread very quickly throughout the center. A high temperature in a child can elevate very quickly, and we do not want to take related emergency measures in your absence.

Can my child bring toys from home?2023-11-07T10:41:01-03:30

We prefer that children do not bring toys from home. Toys can get broken and cause unnecessary upset. If your child has a special toy that will help during the initial adjustment to the center, we will certainly make allowances. There will be show and share days throughout the year when children can bring in something special from home.

What happens on school closures?2023-11-07T10:41:09-03:30

Our child care centers do not automatically close based on the schools decision. In the case of severe storms and/or other emergencies, we will decide to close. Announcements will be made, and there will be no fee deduction for these closures.

What if I only booked for 30 guests but realize I’m going to have more?2023-11-03T17:21:35-02:30

We require a minimum notice of ONE WEEK in order to guarantee a second lifeguard for your rental.

Can I bring food onto the pool deck?2023-11-03T17:21:04-02:30

No food or beverages are permitted on the pool deck. However if you have loot bags you wish to pass out as guests leave, they are permitted to be stored in the viewing area or at the Front Desk.

Is there a limit to how many people can come?2023-11-03T17:20:37-02:30

Pool rentals are limited based on the number of lifeguards you reserve/pay for – each lifeguard can only be responsible for a maximum of 30 people. The gymnasium does not have a limit.

Why do I need to provide a guest list?2023-11-03T17:20:10-02:30

In an effort to improve the safety of all patrons, we need to account for all adults and children in the building in accordance with the YMCA’s Child Protection Policy. The guest list being provided in advance makes sign in for your event run more quickly and smoothly.

Can I get my deposit back?2023-11-03T17:19:39-02:30

The 50% deposit is non-refundable. If you are unable to keep your booking, the deposit can be put towards re-booking a new date. The only instance where would refund a deposit would be situations outside the YMCA’s control (examples: facility closure due to inclement weather, pool fouling, etc.).

Can I book a rental over the phone or online?2023-11-03T17:18:54-02:30

Currently, we are only set up to book rentals in person. However we are aiming to make rentals available to book online in the new year, so that our bookings are more accessible to those living out of town.

If I am not a fitness instructor, can I volunteer somewhere else?2023-11-03T17:05:25-02:30

Yes, we have volunteers operating across all parts of our facility, including in our cross training department, with our youth programs and doing light maintenance and cleaning. There are always ways to help our community grow!

How long do I have to commit as a volunteer?2023-12-13T07:34:58-03:30

As long as you are available to give us your time! Ideally a minimum of six months, especially if you are going to teach a fitness class, to ensure it is worth your time after going through the complete onboarding process.

How do I become a volunteer Fitness Instructor?2023-11-03T17:04:38-02:30

Our Training & Program Development Supervisor is certified to train fitness instructors and YMCA personal trainers.  We offer courses that will include virtual sessions as well as self-directed online modules, with a practical at the end.

Can I get my volunteer hours for school?2023-11-03T17:04:12-02:30

Yes! If you are 16 years old and looking to get your school required hours, we would love to help you out!

What do I need to do to become a volunteer?2023-11-03T17:03:46-02:30

In order to begin volunteering at the YMCA you must provide a criminal record check and personal references, and complete basic child protection training. You will be provided a volunteer letter to waive the fees associated with a criminal record check, and your child protection training is the first step to be completed before you start volunteering.

Do I have to be a member to volunteer?2023-11-03T17:03:15-02:30

You do not need to be a member to volunteer with us. Should you wish to become a member, as a volunteer you are eligible to receive up to a 50% discount on the regular cost of membership to help encourage you to better your own health and fitness.

As a volunteer, what is expected of me?2023-11-03T17:02:36-02:30

As a YMCA volunteer you are expected to abide by our code of conduct and represent our values.

Is there an age requirement to volunteer?2023-11-03T17:01:47-02:30

The minimum age to volunteer at the YMCA is 16 years old, however you are eligible to teach swim lessons as a volunteer at 13 years old.

I am having issues trying to apply on a position, what should I do?2024-02-09T07:41:13-03:30

If you run into issues, please contact our Membership Services team by emailing

Do I need to already have my Criminal Record Check complete in order to apply?2023-10-23T17:11:42-02:30

No, you are able to supply that once you have been selected as an eligible candidate, and your offer of employment will be conditional to the results of that check. However, please note that it is considered an asset to provide a recent Criminal Record Check prior to the interview as it speeds up the hiring process.

Are interviews conducted for every position at the YMCA?2023-10-23T17:11:20-02:30

Yes, all positions, including volunteers, require an interview.

What happens after I apply?2023-10-23T17:12:56-02:30

Once you have submitted your application, qualified candidates will be contacted to set up an in-person interview.

How old do I have to be to work at the YMCA?2023-10-23T17:10:42-02:30

Age requirements are specific to the position, and are usually listed under the qualifications section of a job listing. In most cases, the minimum age to work at the Exploits Valley YMCA is 16 years old, and you are able to work in the Aquatics department at 14 years old.

When was the pool built?2023-10-19T11:39:35-02:30

The Windsor Lion’s club completed the original construction of the Windsor Swimming Pool in the Spring of 1975.

Do you provide towels?2023-10-19T11:39:02-02:30

You must bring all of your own shower supplies including towel, soap, shampoo, etc. as we do not provide them.

When is the tot pool open?2023-12-08T10:31:35-03:30

The tot pool is only open during Family and Baby & Me swims.

Do you have swim diapers available?2023-10-19T11:38:17-02:30

No, you must bring your own.

Do I need to sign up even if I’m just watching?2023-10-19T11:37:48-02:30

Yes, spectators are required to sign up just the same as someone who is swimming. The viewing area is located on the pool deck and since the lifeguard on duty is responsible for everyone on deck, they are included in the total head count. Please remember photo ID is still required for facility access even if just a spectator.

If I sign up for a swim and can’t make it, do I need to cancel?2023-10-19T11:37:21-02:30

Yes, we ask that if you aren’t able to make it you give us a quick call to let us know. In the event a swim is full we create waitlists, and can notify someone else to fill the spot.

Why do I have to sign up for Family and Baby & Me swims?2023-10-19T11:36:29-02:30

Signing up for swims in advance guarantees your spot. You can take your chances by dropping in at the time of the swim, but those who have reserved a spot will receive priority.

Can I bring pool floats?2023-10-19T11:36:00-02:30

Reasonably sized personal floats, including mermaid tales and flippers, are permitted during open swims. Please note that if a swim is at full capacity, the lifeguard may request you not use your float due to space limitations.

Are there life jackets and floaties available? Can I bring my own?2023-10-19T11:35:36-02:30

Yes, we have a large variety of life jackets from toddler to adult. However if you have your own, you are more than welcome to bring it with you.  We do not have arm floaties, but you can bring those with you as well.

How do I access my child’s swim report card?2023-10-19T11:25:08-02:30

Your child’s progress report is available on You can get your child’s participant number from the Front Desk at any time. Please note that progress reports are typically only filled out when a level has been completed, or at the end of a session. The best way to check on your child’s progress is always to speak directly with their instructor or with the Aquatics Director.

Can extra spectators come?2023-10-19T11:24:48-02:30

Yes, there is no limit on spectators permitted during swim lessons. Please note that anyone who is 16 years or older, even if just watching, will be required to show government issued photo ID and sign in at the front desk every visit.

What happens if we don’t have our membership cards with us?2023-10-19T11:24:27-02:30

If you forget your cards, please stop at the front desk to be manually signed in.

Do we need to scan our cards every time?2023-10-19T11:24:12-02:30

Yes, we need to know who is in the building at all times. For this reason, your child must scan their card every visit. If the parent/guardian has a Non-Member Access Pass, that must also be scanned every visit. If the parent/guardian does not have a pass, they must show their photo ID and sign in every visit.

Do I have to show ID every time I come?2023-10-19T11:23:54-02:30

We provide “Non-Member Access Passes” for parents and guardians who bring children to lessons on a regular basis. For these passes we verify your photo ID, and then create a profile in our system, complete with your picture. You will be provided your own scanning card that you will be able to use during lessons. For those who do not come regularly, a photo ID will be required for every visit in the facility.

Where do I go during my child’s lessons?2023-10-19T11:23:39-02:30

There is a separate viewing area on the pool deck for spectators. Please note that no outdoor footwear is allowed in the aquatics center, so shoes must be removed before coming on to the pool deck.

Am I required to stay during my child’s lessons?2023-10-19T11:23:24-02:30

Children under 10 years old must have a parent/guardian who is 16 years or older remain in the building with them for the duration of the lesson, in accordance with our child protection policy. Children who are 10 and older are permitted to be in the facility on their own.

Do we get to make up missed swimming lessons?2023-10-19T11:23:07-02:30

No, we are unable to provide time for make up lessons. This includes lessons missed due to personal reasons, as well as lessons missed due reasons outside our control (bad weather, pool closures, etc.)

What should I do if I know my child will be absent?2023-10-19T11:19:58-02:30

If you know your child is going to miss a lesson, you can email to let us know so they will be written in as excused. After multiple unexcused absences, we will remove your child from lessons to make the space available for others.

Can I choose who my child’s instructor is?2023-10-19T11:19:36-02:30

No, instructors are assigned to classes after registration.

Do they need goggles for swim lessons?2023-10-19T11:08:12-02:30

Goggles are not a requirement for lessons. If you do decide to purchase them, we recommend goggles without a nose attachment so they can learn proper breathing techniques underwater without relying on the goggles.

What if my child’s birthday is shortly after the program starts?2023-10-19T11:07:46-02:30

If your child is going to have a birthday within 3 months of the lessons start date that would put them in the next level, you are allowed to register them for that level early. Otherwise they will be moved naturally once they hit that age.

Do I need a membership if I have to get in the water?2023-10-19T11:07:14-02:30

No. As it is a requirement on our part to have you in the water with your child in Lil Dipper 0-3, only the child needs to have a membership.

Am I required to get in the water with my child?2023-10-19T11:06:50-02:30

No, only our Lil Dipper 0-3 class allows a parent/guardian in the water with a child.

What are class sizes for group lessons?2023-10-19T11:06:28-02:30

Class sizes vary depending on the age, with younger groups having smaller instructor to participant ratios. Typically you can expect anywhere from 4 to 15 students in a class.

My child is young but doesn’t require me in the water?2023-10-19T11:06:01-02:30

Children 3 and older will be in the water on their own. Depending on their abilities, they may be in a life jacket, on a tot dock (raises them in the water so they are able to touch bottom and be above water line) or in the tot pool.

My child is 3 years old, do they go in the 0-3 swim group or 3-5 swim group?2023-10-19T11:05:24-02:30

Those who are 3 years old can go in either group based on parents discretion and how comfortable they feel their child will be in the water: the 0-3 group will have a parent in the water with them, the 3-5 group will be in the water on their own.

What swimming level should I register my child for?2023-12-08T10:32:04-03:30

Our swim program is divided by age, and then each age group is subdivided again based on current skill level. Our Preschool program is for ages 0-3 and ages 3-5. Our Learn to Swim program is for anyone that is 6 years or older. Once all four levels of Learn to Swim are complete, they will progress to our Star program.

How much does swimming lessons cost?2023-10-19T11:04:24-02:30

Group lessons are included in the cost of a membership. Private lessons (one-on-one) are a separate fee that does not require membership.

Do I need to register for swimming lessons?2023-10-19T11:03:45-02:30

Yes, all swim lessons (both group and private) are a registered program. Typically we run registration in January for Winter/Spring, again in June for Summer sessions, and in September for Fall. Contact Membership Services for the most updated information on registration for the current session.

Do you have lockers?2023-10-12T13:37:16-02:30

All of our change rooms have lockers, however they are NOT coin operated so you will need to bring your own lock. We suggest locking up any valuable items you bring into the building or leaving them in your car, as the YMCA is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Do you have showers?2023-10-12T13:36:57-02:30

We have separate male, female and family/gender inclusive change room that are equipped with showers. These are open space showers, however the male and female change also offer individual stalls with shower curtains for privacy.

How old do you have to be to go in the cardio room?2023-10-12T13:36:33-02:30

The cardio room is open to anyone ages 16 or older. In order for ages 13-15 to access our cardio room on their own, they must be active members and have completed our Teen Orientation training program. This is a one time course that will prepare youth to be in the facility unsupervised and follow the YMCA guidelines, such as expected etiquette and how to properly use equipment to avoid injury.  Ages 10 and older who are active members are able to use the cardio room, however they must have a parent/guardian stay in the cardio room with them (direct supervision).

How old do you have to be to go in the weight room?2023-10-12T13:35:58-02:30

The weight room is open to anyone ages 16 or older. In order for ages 13-15 to access our weight room on their own, they must be active members and have completed our Teen Orientation training program. This is a one time course that will prepare youth to be in the facility unsupervised and follow the YMCA guidelines, such as expected etiquette and how to properly use equipment to avoid injury.

When is the busiest time?2023-10-12T13:35:21-02:30

This varies from day to day and from season to season, but typically the busiest time of the day is from 4:30 – 7:30pm, when everyone is finishing work and school for the day. This is also the time of day when we offer programming in the pool and gymnasium, so traffic in and out of the building is increased as well.

Do you have personal trainers?2023-10-12T13:35:03-02:30

We do not currently have any certified personal trainers on staff. However our Cross Training Staff are qualified to not only walk you through how to use all of the equipment in our facility, but they are able to provide you with a workout program as well. They will meet with you to discuss your goals, current activity level, and any limitations you may have, and then provide you with a schedule that works best for you. They will provide you with tracking sheets showing you which exercises and how many repetitions to complete, and even take you through them to make sure you feel confident in what you are doing!

Can someone show me how to use the equipment?2023-10-12T13:34:47-02:30

Our cross training staff are able to demonstrate how to properly use all of the equipment in both our cardio and weight room. Our cardio equipment all come with an easy “Quick Start” option that allows you to work at your own pace with no programming required. The majority of our circuit equipment is located in our cardio room and is extremely user friendly for those who feel intimidated by the weight room but still wish to work on muscle growth.

When are these courses offered?2023-10-03T11:47:19-02:30

We require a minimum number of participants in order to put off a course. Once enough interest has been expressed, we will provide a schedule depending on the instructor availability, as well as the time requirements for that particular course. Those who have expressed interest will be notified.

How much do courses cost?2023-10-03T11:47:02-02:30

Each course is priced individually, and we also offer discounts for members and re-certifications. Costs will be disclosed when registration for a particular course opens.

How many people can be on a family membership?2023-10-03T11:28:03-02:30

Our current family membership structure includes 2 adults living the same household, and all children under 19 years of age living in the same household. Students up to 23 years of age can also be included (student ID is required).

What is the cancellation policy?2023-12-13T07:44:06-03:30

Our memberships are not locked in and can be cancelled at any time. There is no cancellation fee, and there are no questions asked. To cancel, we require notification of the cancellation in writing a minimum of 5 days before your payment date. We do not accept verbal cancellation requests. Pre-authorized payments for the following period will be cancelled. We do not offer partial month refunds. Access to the facility will be available until the last day of your payment period.

What happens if I lose my YMCA card?2023-10-03T11:26:23-02:30

Membership card replacements are available for a $5 fee.

Will my membership card work at other YMCA’s?2023-10-03T11:25:54-02:30

While all YMCA’s are connected to each other, our systems are all separate. For this reason you will not be able to scan your card. You will be required to show your access card and/or government issued photo ID. The YMCA you are visiting will contact us to verify your membership.

What is your policy for visitors from other YMCA’s?2023-12-13T07:38:03-03:30

Any member visiting from another YMCA will have their membership honored at our facility for one month. Anyone visiting for more than a week will receive an access card; less than a week will be required to show photo ID each visit. Membership at the home association must be in good standing.

After one month, the situation will be re-assessed. If the visitor permanently relocates to the area, they will be required to cancel their membership at the previous YMCA and join through the YMCA of Exploits Valley

Do you provide locks or have assigned lockers?2023-12-13T07:35:31-03:30

Facility users must bring their own locks as we do not provide them. Lockers are available to all participants while they are using the facility, and we encourage everyone to lock up all valuables. If possible do not bring valuables into the YMCA, as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Locks left overnight will be removed and the contents will be placed in the lost and found area.

Do you have a towel service?2023-12-13T07:37:27-03:30

Facility users must bring their own towels as we do not provide this service.

What is the refund policy?2023-10-03T11:23:37-02:30

All payments are non-refundable, and we do not offer refunds or credit for non-facility usage.  The YMCA reserves the right to suspend or terminate membership privileges, without refund, for inappropriate behavior or failure to comply with the terms of your membership agreement.

What is the NSF (non-sufficient funds) policy?2023-10-03T11:23:12-02:30

The YMCA is not responsible for bank fees incurred due to non-sufficient funds. A returned payment will result in immediate membership cancellation, and if you are paying through your bank account, NSF’s will also result in a $10 administration fee on your YMCA account.

What is a joiner fee?2023-10-03T11:22:51-02:30

There is a one time fee of $25.00 for all new members 19 and older. These funds are used for new equipment purchases and facility upgrades.  (Only one fee is charged per buddy/family, and no fee for students or seniors)

How old do I have to be to set up a membership?2023-10-03T11:22:25-02:30

Memberships require the signature of an individual 19 years or older. If a parent or guardian is unable to sign, they are able to activate the membership online on their behalf.

Can I pay cash for my membership?2023-10-03T11:22:03-02:30

All memberships must be set up on pre-authorized payments through either credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or personal bank account. While the first bi-weekly payment and joining fee (if applicable) are due upon registration and can be paid with cash, all future re-occurring payments must be set up on pre-authorized payments.

How is the Financial Assistance program funded?2023-12-12T16:28:32-03:30

The YMCA Financial Assistance is funded by a combination of sources, including the YMCA Healthy Communities Fund. This way, money raised during our local campaign stays in the community.

How do I renew my application?2023-12-12T16:28:28-03:30

Financial assistance is provided on an annual basis, unless you self-identify with YMCA staff that your financial situation has changed. To renew, we ask that you visit us 2 weeks prior to your expiry date with updated financial information to be re-assessed.

If I receive YMCA Financial Assistance what is expected of me?2024-01-05T16:46:50-03:30

All information you provide will be kept confidential. We also ask that you keep all information and fees discussed confidential as well. A YMCA membership also requires the commitment of completing bi-weekly payments on time. You are held responsible for the use of your membership. If your financial circumstances change or you no longer require assistance, please notify us. This enables us to help other individuals and families.

Can the YMCA deny my application for Financial Assistance?2023-12-12T16:28:16-03:30

Your request could be denied if your financial information does not identify an inability to pay for the fees.

How long does the application process take?2023-12-12T16:28:08-03:30

We will do our best to review your application within 5 business days. Occasionally we may require additional time to properly assess your application.

How does the YMCA determine how much I pay?2023-12-13T07:29:57-03:30

Everyone must pay some portion of the membership fee, and that amount will vary person to person. We calculate your fee based on a review of your household income and the size of your household.

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