The Youth 2000 Centre (Y2C), in partnership with the YMCA, aims to provide diverse programs for youth and young adults ages 5-29; which in return gives them positive attitudes, a sense of direction, opportunities for keeping active and more. The Youth 2000 Centre has a strong focus on the physical and mental wellness of our communities youth and families, running programs both in person and virtually, in a safe, culturally diverse and inclusive environment free of harassment and discrimination.

How the YMCA Supports Y2C

Through partnerships and funding initiatives, the Y2C is able to offer a wide variety of programming including social recreation, physical and mental wellness activities such as yoga, sports workshops and activities, self care sessions, life skill sessions (such as sewing, cooking, baking, etc.), creative arts and individual self expression through paint nights, and so much more!

Some of the Programs Offered Through the Youth 2000 Centre

  • Afterschool program for Grades K – 6

  • Wellness Wednesday Activities

  • Friday Night Hangouts

  • Physical Wellness activities and activities for Mental Wellness

  • Celebrating holidays and multiculturalism

  • Age Friendly programming including youth and families

  • Social Recreation activities and events through community engagement and partnerships

  • Volunteering / Career hours for high school requirements

  • Youth employment via Amplify, Swasp and more