At the YMCA, your time and talent will go a long way. By leading an exercise class, reading to a preschool class, coaching a basketball team, cooking for a bake sale or greeting people at the front desk. You are serving as a role model for young people and showing support to families that participate in YMCA programs.

There are opportunities for you to get involved. Regardless of age, experience or how much time you can commit, you can make a difference in the lives of others. Volunteers are the heart of the YMCA and that’s why the Y is the heart of the community.

Volunteering Frequently Asked Questions

If I am not a fitness instructor, can I volunteer somewhere else?2023-11-03T17:05:25-02:30

Yes, we have volunteers operating across all parts of our facility, including in our cross training department, with our youth programs and doing light maintenance and cleaning. There are always ways to help our community grow!

How long do I have to commit as a volunteer?2023-12-13T07:34:58-03:30

As long as you are available to give us your time! Ideally a minimum of six months, especially if you are going to teach a fitness class, to ensure it is worth your time after going through the complete onboarding process.

How do I become a volunteer Fitness Instructor?2023-11-03T17:04:38-02:30

Our Training & Program Development Supervisor is certified to train fitness instructors and YMCA personal trainers.  We offer courses that will include virtual sessions as well as self-directed online modules, with a practical at the end.

Can I get my volunteer hours for school?2023-11-03T17:04:12-02:30

Yes! If you are 16 years old and looking to get your school required hours, we would love to help you out!

What do I need to do to become a volunteer?2023-11-03T17:03:46-02:30

In order to begin volunteering at the YMCA you must provide a criminal record check and personal references, and complete basic child protection training. You will be provided a volunteer letter to waive the fees associated with a criminal record check, and your child protection training is the first step to be completed before you start volunteering.

Do I have to be a member to volunteer?2023-11-03T17:03:15-02:30

You do not need to be a member to volunteer with us. Should you wish to become a member, as a volunteer you are eligible to receive up to a 50% discount on the regular cost of membership to help encourage you to better your own health and fitness.

As a volunteer, what is expected of me?2023-11-03T17:02:36-02:30

As a YMCA volunteer you are expected to abide by our code of conduct and represent our values.

Is there an age requirement to volunteer?2023-11-03T17:01:47-02:30

The minimum age to volunteer at the YMCA is 16 years old, however you are eligible to teach swim lessons as a volunteer at 13 years old.

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