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Financial Assistance2023-11-28T12:25:16-03:30

At the YMCA, our mission, vision and values drive everything we do. The YMCA Healthy Communities Fund is focused on raising much needed financial support for children, teens and families who are unable to afford the full cost of participation in a YMCA program or activity.

The YMCA is a charity committed to providing access to all members in the community. The Financial Assistance Program provides help to those who want to participate but are unable to pay the full fee. This is made possible through generous donations from community donors. No one is turned away from the YMCA due to inability to pay the full membership fee. All information provided by you will be kept confidential.

How to Apply for Financial Assistance

  • 1

    Complete the digital application in full

  • 2

    Include proof of household income

  • 3

    Once you receive confirmation of your approval, you will need to provide a void cheque/pre-authorized slip from the bank or a valid credit card to set up your bi-weekly payments.

  • 4

    You will need to provide photo ID for anyone on the membership ages 16 and older (driver’s license, student card, passport, etc.).

  • 5

    You will need to come in to complete the registration process and make your initial payment. *Building Fund fees are fully subsidized

Financial Assistance Eligibility

For the YMCA to process your application, you will be required to provide copies of the most recent Notice of Assessment (NOA) or Canada Child Benefit Statement (CCB) from the CRA for each household member who is 18 years or older. This means that even if someone in the household is not being included on the membership, their financial contribution to the household still must be disclosed.

If your income is different than your most recent NOA or CCB then please provide the last two months (consecutive) of these documents for you and/or your household :

  • Pay stubs

  • Social Assistance statements

  • Student Loan assessment

  • Child Benefit Statements

  • Employment Insurance (EI) statements

  • Child Support documents/statements

  • Statement of pension earnings (OAS/CPP)

Financial Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Financial Assistance program funded?2023-12-12T16:28:32-03:30

The YMCA Financial Assistance is funded by a combination of sources, including the YMCA Healthy Communities Fund. This way, money raised during our local campaign stays in the community.

How do I renew my application?2023-12-12T16:28:28-03:30

Financial assistance is provided on an annual basis, unless you self-identify with YMCA staff that your financial situation has changed. To renew, we ask that you visit us 2 weeks prior to your expiry date with updated financial information to be re-assessed.

If I receive YMCA Financial Assistance what is expected of me?2024-01-05T16:46:50-03:30

All information you provide will be kept confidential. We also ask that you keep all information and fees discussed confidential as well. A YMCA membership also requires the commitment of completing bi-weekly payments on time. You are held responsible for the use of your membership. If your financial circumstances change or you no longer require assistance, please notify us. This enables us to help other individuals and families.

Can the YMCA deny my application for Financial Assistance?2023-12-12T16:28:16-03:30

Your request could be denied if your financial information does not identify an inability to pay for the fees.

How long does the application process take?2023-12-12T16:28:08-03:30

We will do our best to review your application within 5 business days. Occasionally we may require additional time to properly assess your application.

How does the YMCA determine how much I pay?2023-12-13T07:29:57-03:30

Everyone must pay some portion of the membership fee, and that amount will vary person to person. We calculate your fee based on a review of your household income and the size of your household.

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