Background & Purpose

YMCA of Exploits Valley recognizes that from time to time there may be concerns or complaints from public stakeholders. We view these complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve for the future, and correct errors or short comings of the organization. The purpose of this policy is to specify the role of YMCA of Exploits Valley regarding complaints from our public stakeholders.


A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about the service, actions or lack of action by YMCA of Exploits Valley as an organization, or a volunteer or staff member acting on behalf of YMCA of Exploits Valley. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Perceived failure to do something agreed upon
  • Failure to observe policy or procedures
  • Error made by a volunteer or staff member
  • Unfair or discourteous actions/statements by a staff member or volunteer

Anyone personally affected can complain and their complaint will be reviewed.

Policy Statement

YMCA of Exploits Valley is committed to high standards of conduct and to continuous improvement. We strive to resolve complaints in a timely, fair and respectful manner.

Policy Description

  1. Complaints from our public stakeholders can be received verbally, by phone, by email or in writing.
  2. YMCA of Exploits Valley has established complaint procedures, as outlined in Appendix A. These
    procedures are reviewed regularly.
  3. The CEO of YMCA of Exploits Valley reports annually to the Board on the number and type of external complaints received. Complaints of significance escalated to the CEO or the Chair of the Board will be reported monthly.


The CEO is accountable to the Board for implementation of this policy.

Related documents and/or relevant legislation – Appendix A is below

Appendix A: Complaints Procedure

Receiving Complaints

  1. Written complaints may be mailed to YMCA of Exploits Valley, 13 Price’s Avenue, Grand FallsWindsor, NL, A2B 1C9 or sent by email to: The YMCA of Exploits Valley will acknowledge the receipt of a written complaint in writing or through email
    within (2) business days.
  2. Verbal complaints may be made by phone to 709-489-9622 or in person at the YMCA of Exploits Valley, 13 Prices Avenue, Grand Falls-Windsor, NL, A2B 1C9. The YMCA of Exploits Valley will  acknowledge that the complaint has been received and will gather information including the complainant’s name, phone number and email address for follow up purposes.
  3. The YMCA of Exploits Valley staff who initially receives the complaint will determine the appropriate person to handle the complaint. This is generally the person who has the primary relationship with the complainant or has specific knowledge that is needed to resolve the problem.

Resolving Complaints

  1. Every effort is made to resolve complaints quickly. When receiving a verbal complaint, staff are expected to listen and seek to understand the complaint The verbal complaint must be documented and repeated back to the complainant to ensure the complaint has been accurately recorded. Within five (5) business days, appropriate steps for resolving the complaint are to be determined and implemented, taking into account any suggestion towards resolution received from the complainant.
  2. Where a complaint cannot be easily resolved, it will be escalated to the relevant member of the senior leadership team. If this person cannot resolve the complaint, it will be escalated to the CEO of YMCA of Exploits Valley and brought to the attention of the Board of Directors. If the
    complaint is about the CEO, it will be handled by the Chair of the Board.
  3. Complainants will be kept informed of the status of their complaint.

Documenting Complaints

  1.  Complaints are recorded on a complaints tracking worksheet that is maintained by YMCA of Exploits Valley Supervisor of Membership Sale and Services. Information recorded will include a description of the complaint, who handled it, what was done to resolve the complaint, timeframe, and a description of the resolution.
  2. A summary of the complaints received including number and type is reported annually to the YMCA of Exploits Valley Board of Directors.

Learning from Complaints

The CEO for the YMCA of Exploits Valley annually reviews the complaints tracking worksheet to identify trends which may indicate a need to take further action.